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Hi BVC’ers!

I heard that the ladies had a marvelous time at Women’s Retreat (January 26-28)! I’m always glad that they can get away from the routine of life and have a time which is spiritually uplifting and encouraging! The men will have their chance at being spiritually revitalized when the Men’s Retreat comes in March!

There’s nothing like growing closer with the Lord. When you can pause from the hurriedness of life and just stop and listen for His voice, it means all the difference in the world. When you do that, it’s also amazing at what your mind drifts to: praise! Praise for the God who made you. Praise to the God who sustains you. Praise Him in all areas of life. If you’ve ever gone on a prayer walk you know the feeling. If you haven’t been on a prayer walk lately, may I encourage you to do so? Carve out 30 minutes of time and find a place that is calm and serene (in the past I’ve done mine on an empty soccer field). Then just start talking to the Lord and allow the conversation to flow from there. You’ll be glad you did!!

FEBRUARY 7: BVC is returning to 2nd Harvest Food Bank (located at 4001 N. First Street). We’ll be there from 6-8 p.m. and would love to have YOU join us!!

FEBRUARY 24: BVC GAME NIGHT. We’ll be bbq-ing some things plus playing some fantastic games. The fun starts at 5 p.m. and we’re attempting to wind things up at 9:45 p.m. Bring your favorite board game, your appetite, and game-playing skills!!

MARCH 31: COMMUNITY FAMILY FESTIVAL. This is our first festival of 2018 and it comes the day before Easter. Santino and Eloisa Fortes are the point people for this event. We’re in need of a great many volunteers in many areas. Trust you’ll participate!!

SERMON SERIES: We’re now in 1 Peter. What an amazing guy Peter was … and what words of wisdom he has to share with us in this great book. Hope you’ll be coming out on Sunday mornings to discover the gems!!

Have a great week ahead!
Love, Pastor Chuck