EXPERIENCING GOD.  This is a 13-week course which challenges you in your relationship with God.  No longer is God the abstract but this class helps in revealing the personal and how we can better experience Him.  There is a workbook and homework is assigned each week.

KNOW YOUR DESIGN.  This is a 2-week class designed to teach about Spiritual Gifts and how your giftedness fits within the body of Christ.  There is one week of homework.

DISCIPLESHIP.  This is a 12-week class which covers various topics in depth including what it means to be saved; prayer; spiritual gifts; along with several other pertinent topics.  Homework is involved.

EVANGELISM TRAINING.  This is a 2-week class designed to teach you the fundamentals in how to share your faith.

TEACHER TRAINING CLASS.  This class is of interest to those who would like to learn how to become better teachers.  It lasts 4 weeks.

AMBASSADOR CLASS.  How can you become a better witness in everyday life?  This class teaches you how to recognize “divine appointments” that God has arranged.

MARRIAGE CLASS.  Want to enjoy a better marriage?  What to enjoy an improved marriage?  This class will help you identify ways in which you can understand the Lord’s guidelines and apply them to your own marriage.