Youth Hour

This is our Friday night student ministry. Students from 3rd grade and up are welcome. We meet every Friday from 7 PM to 10 PM the Fortes residence (2128 Petersburg Dr., Milpitas, CA 95035). You can also get regular updates on our youth FB group: Youth Hour (BVC).

Generations Youth Camp

ARE YOU READY?!! Mark your calendars! Generations 2019 is just around the corner! Invite your friends and family to enjoy and experience God’s creation with others spanning multiple generations!
Early registration price is $180 by June 30 and includes a free shirt and free post-camp buffet.
Registration goes up to $200 after June 30th and no longer includes the free shirt or free post-camp buffet.
1st time campers is ONLY $150 and includes a free shirt and free post-camp buffet.
Staff price is $130 and includes a free shirt, but not the post-camp buffet. Price for buffet is around $10.

See Santino and Eloisa Fortes for more information or to register.

OMG, Open Mic Gathering

Another event in collaboration with other youth from other churches across the Bay Area and the Central Valley. This is an evening where anyone can participate and worship God through their talents, whether it be singing, dancing, spoken word, sharing a testimony, etc…  ALL AGES are welcomed to attend or participate. OMGs are held monthly, hosted by various churches. Be on the look out for the next time BVC hosts it.