Hi BVC’ers! I am so proud of each of you for making prayer a daily habit!  Thank you to each who take time to pray for the various requests that are submitted on the registration cards each week.  I got to thinking about some of those requests and how God answered each one.  Let meRead moreRead more


Hi BVC’ers! I want to bring to your attention “The House @ BVC” update!  It’s very good news — we’ll probably be having a public hearing before the Planning Commission of San Jose sometime in July.  Except for a few minor considerations, our plans are considered complete (and that’s very good news)!  This part ofRead moreRead more


Hi BVC’ers! I wanted to bring you some good news on the House Renovation front:  the city of San Jose has sent us information to be posted on our property that lets people know improvements are going to be forthcoming!  Dennis Wilkison has the signs and they’ll be installed on Friday, April 26.  So, whenRead moreRead more

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Hi BVC’ers! Last week I wrote you about the HOUSE RENOVATION plans and where we were in the process.  We had our meeting with the Planning Commission and, as Dennis Wilkison (our very good point person) discovered, we received a very good planner!  Many thanks for your prayers.  We found out that the cost toRead moreRead more