Hi BVC’ers! Youth Camp week is upon us.  I was just speaking with Santino Fortes and they’ve got 50 youth registered for camp!  That is exciting news — 18 of the youth are coming from BVC.  Some of the youth attend the Youth Bible Study on Friday nights (led by Santino & Eloisa and LesRead moreRead more

July 4th

Hi BVC’ers! I trust that all of you are looking forward to experiencing a great 4th of July this coming Thursday. Our nation will be celebrating its 243rd birthday. One of the things I’m reminded of by the 4th of July is to remember to pray for our nation as well as our leaders. TheyRead moreRead more


Hi BVC’ers! How about this warmer weather?!!  Fun, huh?   And just for added fun in our house our AC Unit died on Sunday!  Our house heated up big time.  We contacted an HVAC company and they were able to come out yesterday (where they informed us that our unit was on its last legs).  TheyRead moreRead more


Hi BVC’ers! By the time you read this, most schools will be out for the summer.  Means a lot of vacations, warmer days, and bbqs!  All the teachers in our BVC family will certainly benefit and recharge during these days because teaching is quite an exhaustive job.  I’m reminded of the words of the 23rdRead moreRead more