Hi BVC’ers! I have some good HOUSE RENOVATION news for all of you. This past Tuesday, Dennis Wilkison and I met with 4 engineers who came to look at our situation. I listened carefully as they spoke about the building and its needs. Some were interested in electrical. Some were interested in plumbing. Some wereRead moreRead more

House Renovation

Hi BVC’ers! Last night our plans for the House Renovation went before the Planning Commission of San Jose.  We needed their approval before we could submit plans to the Building Commission of San Jose.  Our plans passed the Planning Commission!  This is a great step forward. Here’s more good news:  we have found our structuralRead moreRead more


Hi BVC’ers! Berryessa Valley Church suffered a huge loss on September 7, 2019, when founding Pastor Jim Stone was called Home to be with the Lord.  He was just a few months shy of his 85th birthday.  I first met Jim when I arrived in September 2012.  I found him to be a very likeableRead moreRead more


Hi BVC’ers! Last time I wrote, I selected WORSHIP as my theme.  Today I want to add PRAISE to that.  Perhaps you’ve never thought of those two words together but they indeed pair up very nicely. So, what is PRAISE?  Praise in the original Greek meant to “sing, tell, give, confess.”  In simpler terms, itRead moreRead more