July 21, 2022

Hi BVC’ers!

Whenever Jesus taught, the crowds were always amazed.  Why?  Because they had never experienced anyone speaking with the authority which Jesus possessed.  It was beyond anyone that they had ever heard.  Then not only was His teaching amazing, but the miracles were also astounding to them.  Lame walking?  Dead rising?  Blind seeing?  Thousands of people fed?

That same power which Jesus showed to all the people is the same power today.  Nothing has changed except Jesus is not here with us physically.  Never forget that no matter what you go through in life, Jesus is here with you.  Remember what He said, “Lo, I am with you always.”  

There are times in this thing called life when we honestly feel we are alone.  But the truth is, we never are alone.  God is there to walk alongside of us and take us through the shadows into the light.  It is God who makes sense out of the senseless things.  It is God who brings clarity to each and every situation.

The next time you are tempted to think that you are alone — remember that Jesus is right there with you — never to leave you nor forsake you!

HOUSE RENOVATION UPDATE/NEWS:  Yes, BVC has the building permit.  Things are already starting to occur.  Your Board met this past Tuesday night and a decision was made on what type of storage unit to obtain.  It should be delivered prior to August 5.

PACK UP WHAT REMAINS IN THE HOUSE:  This will be done by several people including Janice Austin, Lori Serpa, Leny Gajardo, and myself.  Most items will be placed in rubbermaid bins.

MOVE EVERYTHING OUT OF THE HOUSE:  This will happen after the morning service on Sunday, August 7.  Please plan to stay and help in this endeavor.  We’ll have tables, chairs, bins, etc. to move into the storage unit.  More hands will make a lot less work.

HOUSE DEMOLITION:  should happen sometime in August!  We are going to gather and pray for this whole renovation prior to the house being demolished.  As soon as we know the date it is happening, we’ll let you know what day we’ll be gathering to pray.

WATER IN THE HOUSE IS ALREADY TURNED OFF:  please do not use either the bathroom or kitchen in the house — we no longer have water as of today (July 21).  This had to be done in order to get the house ready to be demolished.

OPERATION CHRISTMAS CHILD:  Packing party will happen July 31.  This will be the LAST event when we use the House.  If you need more info, please contact Lori Serpa.

When Berryessa Valley Church was a vision in the mind and heart of Jim and Charlotte Stone, it initially met in their home.  Through God’s providence, Jim was led to our present sight.  The “House @ BVC” served as the first church and continued to do so until 1996/1997 when the present worship center was constructed.  From that day until now, the people who made BVC wanted to erect a new building to replace the house.  We have profited from all their prayers, all their giving, all their research and now God has brought us to the next big event:  demolition of the house.  

Take a moment when you come to church on July 24, July 31, and August 7 to look at the house.  Try to imagine it when it was the only building on the property.  Think of all the people who found Jesus as their Savior.  Think of all the people who were built up in their faith.  Think of the people who were baptized here and who got married here and who had their funeral here.  

This church has truly touched a great many lives for Jesus’ sake.  As we take this next big step, let us look to the Lord to remind us that great days are ahead.  That lives will be touched for Jesus.  That people will continue to be built up.

Thank the Lord for Jim and Charlotte and their vision!


Pastor Chuck