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Hi BVC’ers! I’ve been writing you each week on one of the core values of BVC. I’ve covered in previous weeks Evangelism, Discipleship, and Fellowship. That’s half of our values with three to go. This week I want to write you about MINISTRY. God has gifted each one of us to do the works which He created beforehand for us to do. When we do those works, we are involved in ministry. It’s important to note that God is always at work around us and invites us to join Him in that work. Each of us, in our giftedness, ends up doing ministries which we enjoy and gain great satisfaction. God’s expectations are such that we don’t sit idly on the sidelines and watch everyone else but that we’ll be actively involved in serving Him as well as serving others. Here at BVC, I’ve always encouraged you to be involved in ministry because no one has the corner on creativity. You might look around BVC and comment, “How come we don’t do this?” or “How come we don’t do that?” Could be that God is calling YOU to do something about it and have a ministry of your own. Years ago (in my first pastorate), Ann and Deana came to see me one day. They felt that there needed to be a monthly outreach to women and why couldn’t we hold it at the church? They titled their ministry “Ladies Night Out.” I told Ann and Deana that it sounded like a wonderful idea. And they had already done the necessary requirements: they came and talked to me about it; we surmised their needs (mainly a key to the building); they needed to get the word out (remember, back in those days, no e-mail or internet). I passed the word along to the Board so that they were in the loop and off the ladies went. Soon they had several other ladies who wanted to be involved and ended up ministering to a lot of people. With the creativity God has given each of us, there’s always room for people to get involved, making the difference in lives!

LOVE LIKE THAT continues this Sunday looking at the ways Jesus proved Himself APPROACHABLE. Don’t miss out … be here to be challenged to LOVE LIKE THAT!!

AMBASSADOR class, taught by Jerett Olson, debuts this Saturday, October 20, at 7 p.m. They’ll be meeting in THE HOUSE @ BVC! How can you be a more effective ambassador for Jesus? Come to this class and discover what you can do!!

LOVE LIKE THAT class is now meeting on Wednesdays at 7 p.m.

EXPERIENCING GOD class is now meeting on Thursdays at 7 p.m. This class has 2 locations: one is at the HOUSE @ BVC and the other is at the home of Ken & Celina Carey (being taught/led by Dennis Wilkison).

COMMUNITY FAMILY FESTIVAL is coming up Wednesday, October 31, from 5-8 p.m. TRAINING will take place this Sunday after the morning service and will be led by Reaiah Cubero. If you are participating in the CFF, you need to be present. This is the only time this will be offered.

MARY LARSEN VISITS November 2-3-4. On November 3, we’ll be having a traditional Thanksgiving Dinner. Dennis Wilkison and Leny Gajardo are the point people on this dinner. If you desire to help, see either of them this coming Sunday.

JAMI STRANDBURG is coming February 1-3, 2019. More info to come.

Have a great rest of the week … see you all on Sunday!!
Love, Pastor Chuck