July 16, 2022

Hi BVC’ers!!

In 1951, the Giants stunned the Dodgers in the bottom of the 9th inning to win the National League Championship.  That led to Russ Hodges uttering the immortal line:  “The Giants win the pennant!  The Giants win the pennant!  The Giants win the pennant.”

Yesterday, before 4 p.m. this happened:  “We received our BUILDING PERMIT!  We received our BUILDING PERMIT!  We received our BUILDING PERMIT!!”

After over 5 years of planning, praying, and developing, the City of San Jose issued our Building Permit!  First of all, thanks be to God for keeping us focused over these past years.  Second, thanks to each of YOU for praying right alongside us!  Third, thanks to each of you who have given financially to this project so far — we are extremely grateful for how God has touched your heart in this manner.

So, now what happens?

First, I want to encourage each of you to make it a point to come to church tomorrow.  We’re going to incorporate a special time to just give thanks to God!  I want each of you to be present as we come together as the body of Christ known as Berryessa Valley Church to praise Him!  

Second, Operation Christmas Child leader Lori Serpa has planned two events — one is tomorrow (July 17) and one is July 31.  She needs us to come alongside and assist in this valuable ministry.

Third, between now and August 7, various people will be doing the final packing of all items in the house.  We’ve ordered some rubbermaid bins and the various people will be using them to pack things up.

Fourth, after the morning worship service of August 7, those packed bins will be removed from the house and placed in a storage unit.  We need your help in moving them from the house.  Please plan to stay after the service August 7 to assist in this.

Last, we’re all going to gather before the house is demolished for a time of prayer over the renovation.  We will let you know the date.  It will truly be a day of celebration!

I so look forward to seeing each of you tomorrow — let’s come together and celebrate!!


Pastor Chuck