God is Faithful

Hi BVC’ers!

Last Sunday was the 2020 Annual Meeting!  If you haven’t heard, all the officers, faith budget, constitutional amendment passed 100%!  Praise the Lord!  Included in this meeting was a financial report from Verle Ramirez; an Operation Christmas Child report from Lori Serpa; and a House Renovation report from Dennis Wilkison.  Our meeting spent a little time looking at the past (our financial giving in 2019) and a great deal of time looking to the future (OCC and House Renovation).

The meeting proved one thing to me:  GOD IS FAITHFUL!  More money was given to the ministry at BVC than in any other year in our history.  More money was given to the House Renovation (and it was spent) so that everything the house has required has been paid in full.  God has been touching your hearts to give and I’m happy that you’ve been faithful in following through.  The Scriptures tell us that God loves a cheerful giver and I so appreciate each of you in your cheerful giving.

I’m going to be away most of February (5th-23rd).  Janice and I have always wanted to visit New Zealand and Australia — so we’re departing from San Francisco this coming Wednesday!  We’ve always wanted to do a cruise … so we’re flying to Auckland and then cruising New Zealand, Tasmania, and Australia.  My only regret is leaving all of you for so many days but you’re going to be in the capable hands of men whom I admire:  Santino Fortes (preaching on February 9), Les Cubero (preaching on February 16), and Jerett Olson (preaching on February 23).  I only wish I could be here to hear them live and in person!  I know that you will be blessed!!   In addition, you’ll have both Dennis Wilkison and Ysmael Gajardo around as well!  BVC is so fortunate to have these men on the Board.

Please pray for us as we travel, and we’ll be praying for you!!  See you Sunday!!


Pastor Chuck