August 11, 2022

Hi BVC’ers!

Isaiah 40:31 tells us that those who wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength and that they shall mount up with wings like eagles…that they shall walk and not faint.  

Waiting involves time.  Our culture has done an excellent job of teaching us that entire meals can be ready in 40 seconds or less.  In fact, our culture has taught us well not to have patience.  Our culture has taught us that instant gratification is excellent.

Waiting involves time.  

When we began the House Renovation Project in earnest, the year was 2017.  At that time I thought to myself “How long can this take?  Certainly not more than 1-2 years, right?”  When we met with all the engineers, I asked this question:  “How long will it take to complete this project?”  Their answer:  “If we were to start in February 2020, it would be completed in February 2021.”

Little did I know that there would be a great amount of waiting involved.  

One thing I’ve learned in my lifetime is that God’s timing is ALWAYS perfect.  He is never late.

Even though we humans don’t like to wait — God has no such timetable.  He makes sure we receive what we need when we need it (and not a minute sooner).

As Isaiah 40:31 reminds us it is those who WAIT upon the Lord who shall renew their strength.

The next time you’re in a wait-and-see time in your life, remember that God is at work around you.  Remember that God’s timing is perfect.  Remember that God will always take care of you.  Patience is a virtue….after all.


1)  NEW MEMBER ORIENTATION CLASS on September 6.  You can sign up by answering this e-mail or fill out a white registration card on Sunday and place it in the offering bag.

2)  1 AND 2 PETER will begin after Labor Day.  This promises to be a great study…sure hope you’re going to be attending!!

3)  ACTS will begin after Labor Day for the Women’s LifeGroup.  They meet on Saturdays (check for which ones).  You can also use your white registration card on Sunday to indicate your interest!

4)  COMMUNITY FAMILY FESTIVAL is returning in October!!!

5)  OMG will be happening at BVC on August 20!

Have a great rest of the week — see you all on Sunday!!

Much Love,

Pastor Chuck