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Hi BVC’ers! Have you ever stopped to think about this fact: each day contains 86,400 seconds. We cannot bank them or save them. We cannot move some over to the next day or retrieve a few seconds from yesterday. Our “bank” is renewed each day with another 86,400 seconds. How are you “spending” your seconds and making moments count? Jesus demonstrated adequately that we need to use some of our seconds in talking to God. He would go away by Himself to a lonely spot and pray…sometimes pouring out His heart. He would pray for long periods of time and then there were prayers that were short and concise. I would encourage you to use some of your seconds each and every day in just talking with God … letting Him know what’s of importance to you and what’s on your heart. If you do that, the rest of your seconds will be enhanced greatly! Coming up this Sunday, August 30, is PRAYER (taken from Acts 2:42). The early church considered teaching, fellowship, breaking of bread, and prayer as the four essential ingredients in walking with the Lord victoriously. Everything we do is to be bathed in prayer. This coming Sunday you’ll want to register which class you’d like to become involved with in September: Fundamentals of the Faith (an excellent class for those wanting to get an overall grasp of the Bible); Discipleship (an excellent class for those wanting to be challenged in several areas which will lead to a deeper walk); Evangelism Training (an excellent class for those wanting to answer the question, “How do I witness effectively in 2015?”). These classes will stimulate and prepare you for greater ministry endeavors! 2nd Harvest Food Bank is coming up on Wednesday, September 23. We have about 3-4 spaces remaining so if you’re interested in coming on that evening (from 6-8 p.m. at 4001 North First Street), please sign up soon. Have a great rest of the week — I look forward to seeing each of you on Sunday!

Love, Pastor Chuck