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Hi BVC’ers!
Ministry is composed of several distinct things. First, it is composed of learning. It’s hard to do ministry if you don’t know the basics of what the Bible is all about. This is one reason we offer a variety of classes (Discipleship; Fundamentals of the Faith; Knowing Your Design; Evangelism). These classes will soon be joined by “Love Like That.” More information will be forthcoming in the next few weeks.
Second, ministry is composed of participation. After all, you can’t do ministry unless there is an avenue. I believe that God gifts us for ministry which will give us joy. You need all types of gifts to make the church whole and each one is important and necessary. Mercy, Faith, Giving, Teaching, Administration, Helps and Discernment are just some of the gifts which need to be exercised in a variety of settings. That’s why each person is so important!
Third, ministry is composed of doing specific things. 2nd Harvest Food Bank, Operation Christmas Child, Community Family Festival are just some of the ways we can impact our community and beyond. It’s my goal as your pastor to see each of you operating with your gifts and talents to make a difference at BVC. If you are currently without something, please come and see me.
So, what’s coming up?
LOVE LIKE THAT: this is going to be a 6-week class designed to train and educate each of us to love in such a way that makes a difference.
NEW BIBLE STUDY: this is going to be based on “Experiencing God” and will run during the Fall and Winter months. It’s tentatively planned for Thursday nights. I’ve taught from this material before and it’s the BEST Bible study I’ve ever led!!
COMMUNITY FAMILY FESTIVAL: October 31. A great way to meet and greet people in our community.
OPERATION CHRISTMAS CHILD: It’s about that time to be looking for items which children can use. A great place to shop is Dollar Store. Items for school, towels, notebooks are just some of the items needed.
YOUR HELP: I need to know if anyone has any expertise or training in leading a class on Finances as well as Parenting. If you could touch base with me, I’ll be glad to let you know more information. Thanks!!
If you’d be interested in assisting and/or joining any of the above events, please let me know!
See you all this coming Sunday!
Love, Pastor Chuck