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Hi BVC’ers!

There is a lot to be in prayer about — the flooding and damage in Texas and now the hurricane which is threatening Florida (our family members in North Carolina are also bracing for this). Pray for all the people not only in those two states but also the islands leading up to them. Lots of displaced people. If you are looking for ways in which to contribute supplies and/or money, just google hurricane relief and you’ll be directed to many good organizations.

ATTENTION ALL ELEMENTARY CHILDREN: Look for the slide (during song time) which tells you it’s time to go to your learning time. This Sunday, Les Cubero will be your teacher (and Moms and Dads, your kids are in for a treat!!).

NEW MEMBER CLASS is coming up on Wednesday, October 4, from 7-8:30 p.m. If you’d like to join BVC, then this class is a must! Please let us know of your interest so we can have all the necessary materials available.

DISCIPLESHIP TRAINING CLASS begins on Wednesday, October 11 (7-8:30 p.m.). This class is a perfect follow-up to the Fundamentals of the Faith class but you don’t need to take F of F before you take this class. If you’re interested in diving deeper into God’s Word, then this class is for you! If you have questions, please let me know.

We’ll be returning to the 2nd HARVEST FOOD BANK in January 2018. More details to come.

KNOW YOUR GIFT CLASS and EVANGELISM TRAINING CLASS will take place in January/February 2018. More details to come.

COMMUNITY FAMILY FESTIVAL is coming up on Tuesday, October 31, from 5-8 p.m. We could use your help in reaching out to our neighbors by delivering flyers; helping with food preparation; supervising the jump houses; providing your car for “Trunk or Treat” and a host of other things. If you’re interested in participating, please let us know. You can use your registration card and write CFF on it!!

SERMON ON THE MOUNT sermon series debuts this Sunday, September 10. This sermon series will cover Matthew 5-7.

Have a great rest of the week — see you Sunday!!
Love, Pastor Chuck