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Hi BVC’ers!

Love your neighbor as yourself is repeated several times in Scripture. It first appears in Leviticus 19:18. It’s a thought that everyone would do well to emulate in 2017. As I scan the internet and read various newspapers, it amazes me how often people don’t love their neighbor as themselves. But can you begin to imagine what would happen if people did?

That’s why it is so very important that here at BVC we strive to love our neighbor as yourself? Our church needs to be different so that when people enter on a Sunday or some day during the week, they can actually “feel” the difference. What are people “feeling”? They’re “feeling” the presence of the Holy Spirit for if we truly want to love others we must be sure we’re walking in the Spirit!

A church can have no greater mission than in making a lasting impression upon people on what it means to love your neighbor as yourself. The next time you’re coming to church remind yourself to love everyone you see that specific day and pray that BVC is able to make a lasting impact on every life.

HOUSE EXPANSION: Dennis Wilkison continues to do all the necessary work so that a presentation can be made to the City of San Jose. As I wrote previously, we each need to be praying about what we can do financially to see the expansion become reality. We do have our normal church responsibilities so anything given to the house expansion must be over and above our normal giving.

MOTHER’S DAY: May 14 — a special time honoring all Moms is planned. Don’t miss it!

FATHER’S DAY: We all know what this means here at BVC so come prepared for a great day!

2ND HARVEST FOOD BANK: We’re returning on Wednesday, June 28, from 6-8 p.m. If you’d like to attend, please indicate this on your registration card.

LIGHTS: As many of you know our light pole was stolen and we’re still in communication with the insurance company. In the meantime, we’re planning to install some new lights on the building which will shine down on the parking lot. We’re working with a lighting company to bring that about soon!

Have a great week ahead! See you on Sunday!!
Love, Pastor Chuck