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Hi BVC’ers!!

Prayer is a wonderful thing but all too often it is something which is neglected in a believer’s life. Did you know that prayer can bring encouragement to someone else’s life? And did you know that prayer is rarely turned down when offered? That prayer is something which brings gratefulness to others? Philippians 4:6-7 sums it up pretty well when it encourages us to pray because one of the benefits of prayer is the loss of anxiety. A lot of people seem to be anxious right now — over a whole host of things too. The economy, the weather, the change in presidents….yet when we pray, we’re reminded that God is still in control of everything. That nothing happens without His seeing it. And that God makes all things work together for good. Prayer is one avenue whereby we realize that anew and come away refreshed, encouraged, and invigorated. And one last thing: we come away expecting to see something!! Next time you’re stressed out: just pause and pray. You’ll be amazed at what happens!!

THIS SUNDAY, JANUARY 15: We’ll be observing SANCTITY OF HUMAN LIFE SUNDAY. Various passages will be used in the message. Don’t miss it!!

SUNDAY, JANUARY 22: the 2017 Annual Meeting (following the Worship Service).

TUESDAY, JANUARY 31, AND TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 7: A two-week special class on spiritual gifts entitled KNOWING YOUR DESIGN. I want to encourage you to prayerfully consider attending this two-week class. This will be a great time to learn about the spiritual gifts but also to see how God made YOU to function within His body, the Church. The class will begin at 7 p.m. both nights and does include a little bit of homework. You can sign up on January 15, January 22, or January 29 by filling out a small slip of paper and placing it in the offering. Or you can simply e-mail me at pastorchuck@bvchurch.com!

Have a great rest of the week — and I’m looking forward to seeing everybody on Sunday!!
Love, Pastor Chuck