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Hi BVC’ers!

The 2016 Election is now history. I’ve had young people and older people tell me that they are scared and nervous more than they’ve ever been in their lives because of the results. I was a history major in college and have studied elections going way back: the bottom line is that the new President must work with the 535 other members of the Congress. He’ll introduce things that may pass (and they may not pass). The best course of action for you and me is to follow the admonition of Hillary Clinton who said in her concession speech that we need to give President-elect Trump an opportunity to lead. But bigger than all that is the fact that God is still alive and well! Proverbs 3:5-6 are two great verses for reminding us to trust in God rather than ourselves because it is only God who can make all paths straight. So, when you are tempted to get worried or scared, pray. Pray that God will enable you to stay focused upon His Word and that you may see His divine hand leading you. Then remember, as I do, to pray for the President of the United States — it’s a tough job and he needs all the wisdom, discernment, and insight that the Lord can give him. Pray that he’s a man who seeks God’s face and has a humble heart always.

THIS WEEKEND! “Who Jesus Is” continues with a great look at John 11:1-44. Famous passage, famous result. Then following the worship time, it will be time once again for our OPERATION CHRISTMAS CHILD PACKING PARTY!! Lunch will be provided. Plan to stay and help pack those boxes (towards our goal of 500!).

CHRISTMAS DECORATING DAY: Saturday, November 26, starting at 9 a.m. It’s time to get our campus all dressed up for Christmas! Won’t you come and help? We have a fantastic time!!

2ND HARVEST FOOD BANK is right around the corner on Wednesday, November 30, from 6-8 p.m. at 4001 N. First Street. Why do we do this? Not only does it help those in need who are hungry…but it also connects us to our city and surrounding areas. In order to be connected, we must be visible. I’m looking forward to our time there and hope you’re planning to join in!!

Have a great rest of the week … I’m sure looking forward to seeing YOU on Sunday!!
Love, Pastor Chuck