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Hi BVC’ers!

What a joy it is to count your blessings! Many people in this world focused solely on the negative things — the car won’t work, it’s too cold outside, it’s raining, or whatever the case may be. The Scriptures tell us to give thanks in everything because this is the day which the Lord has made — we are to rejoice and be glad in it.

Whenever you find yourself looking at what’s wrong, turn it around and remind yourself of what’s right. What are the blessings you enjoy each and every day that you take for granted? Here are a few:

 • We get to live in a beautiful area
 • We get to enjoy some pretty awesome weather
 • We have a roof over our heads
 • We have friends
 • We have family
 • We have a mode of transportation
 • We have employment
 • We have money

And we get to give thanks to the Lord for His blessings in our lives. As one classic song puts it: morning by morning new mercies I see. So the next time you find yourself prone to complain, refocus yourself on the blessings of God and you’ll be surprised at what He has done in your life!

This coming Sunday, May 1, we’re dedicating our Deacon’s Fund offering to ‘FINISH THE CLASSROOMS.’ In 2015, the BVC Missions Trip worked with the Care Christian Learning Center located near Cebu. As school began, they needed to turn children away because of lack of space. They shared with us their dream of adding 2 classrooms. Now they are roughly $1,500-2,000 away from being able to complete both of them in time for school. We want to come alongside and assist them in this goal so all monies collected on Sunday will go towards that project. Thank you in advance for participating!

Have a wonderful week ahead — see you soon!! Remember: count your blessings!!
Love, Pastor Chuck