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Hi BVC’ers! One week from today and we’ll all be celebrating Thanksgiving with our families and our friends.  It’s my prayer that you have some portion of Thanksgiving to quietly reflect upon and express gratitude to the Lord for your blessings.  We are so blessed every day by the goodness of the Lord.  It’s truly…Read more


Hi BVC’ers! Our newest classes, “Spiritual Disciplines,” and “12 Ordinary Men” are coming along very well and are well-attended.  It’s always good to learn more because in the days and weeks ahead you’ll be able to use the information gathered in conversations with others.  These classes stimulate conversation about deeper issues too.  If you haven’t…Read more


Hi BVC’ers! I have some good HOUSE RENOVATION news for all of you. This past Tuesday, Dennis Wilkison and I met with 4 engineers who came to look at our situation. I listened carefully as they spoke about the building and its needs. Some were interested in electrical. Some were interested in plumbing. Some were…Read more

House Renovation

Hi BVC’ers! Last night our plans for the House Renovation went before the Planning Commission of San Jose.  We needed their approval before we could submit plans to the Building Commission of San Jose.  Our plans passed the Planning Commission!  This is a great step forward. Here’s more good news:  we have found our structural…Read more