Hi BVC’ers!

The youth have returned from camp!  A special thank you to Santino and Eloisa Fortes for all that they do each year to make camp possible.  A total of 57 campers attended with several making first-time decisions for Christ and several others making recommitments!  Many thanks for all your prayers for them. 

Camp is such a wonderful experience.  Not only did I commit my life to Jesus at camp, but I also had the joy of being a camp counselor at several camps.  God works in great ways at camp and sets young men and young women on life altering courses.  I encourage you to go up to our youth and ask them to tell you about camp.  One warning:  be prepared to be blessed!! 

Many of you are aware that our church had a fire several weeks ago.  We think it was set by some homeless people who were cold.  They took a plastic wastebasket and set the contents inside on fire.  As the wastebasket began to melt, the fire went up the wall just outside our kitchen window in the house.  I contacted the man who had painted our church a few years back and he said he could come and paint it for us.  He did that this past Monday.  As he finished up, I asked him to give me his bill and that we would send him a check.  His response was, “Pastor, this is a house of God.  I charge you nothing except to ask that you pray for me and my business.”  We had prayer right on the spot!  Would you join with me in remembering to pray for George and his family as well as his business?  Thanks!!

SPECIAL CLASSES:  coming up this Fall will be a brand-new class on the lives of the men Jesus selected to be His disciples.  If you are interested, please think about signing up soon!  Other special classes will be announced in the coming weeks!

TRANSITION NEWS:  As you know, 2020 will be the year we’ll be without the house due to its renovation.  For the month of September, Kids’ Church will be held in the largest nursery classroom.  The other rooms will be rearranged to accommodate our children and infants.  This will give the Transition Team answers to some of the questions they have.  Thanks for your understanding as we go through this process.

Have a wonderful rest of the week — and I’ll see all of you on Sunday!!


Pastor Chuck