Hi BVC’ers!

Our newest classes, “Spiritual Disciplines,” and “12 Ordinary Men” are coming along very well and are well-attended.  It’s always good to learn more because in the days and weeks ahead you’ll be able to use the information gathered in conversations with others.  These classes stimulate conversation about deeper issues too.  If you haven’t ever thought about taking one of these classes throughout the year, perhaps you’ll be encouraged to sign-up when the next ones are offered.

HOUSE RENOVATION NEWS:  We remain on track to make our presentation to the Building Commission.  Be in prayer that we’ll meet the deadlines and that our engineers will see to it all their work is completed on time!

BVC WORKDAY:  This is coming up on Saturday, November 23, beginning at 9 a.m.  There are several things which need doing:  (1) replace light bulbs in the worship center; (2) clean-up the “Blue Room”; (3) some windows need washing (both inside and outside); (4) vacuuming needs to be done especially on the stage area.  Lunch will be provided!

BVC DECORATING DAY:  This is coming up on Saturday, November 23, beginning at 9 a.m.  Both buildings need to be decorated; lights strung; trees decorated.  If you can help, it would be greatly appreciated.  Lunch will be provided!

POST-THANKGIVING POTLUCK:  Sunday, December 1, following the morning worship service will be our traditional potluck.  Please stay and have lunch with your BVC Family.

CHRISTMAS CHOIR REHEARSALS:  December 8, 15, and 22 will be choir rehearsals following the morning worship service.  This choir will be singing on both December 22 and December 24.

CHRISTMAS EVE SERVICE:  Coming up on December 24.

2020 ANNUAL MEETING:  Will be held in January.  More details to come shortly.

Have a great rest of the week — looking forward to seeing everyone on Sunday!!


Pastor Chuck