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Hi BVC’ers!! Here comes August! Hard to believe isn’t it? Yet with August come preparations for what lies ahead. Our own school teachers will soon be returning to the classroom in preparation for the first day of school. Moms and Dads will be making trips to get all the necessary school supplies (as well as trying to sneak in a last day of vacation here and there). And BVC will be gearing up to do some pretty significant ministry. It all begins with our Sunday service this coming Sunday, August 2. I want to encourage you to be here as early as you can be. We’re doing something quite different this Sunday and if you’re not here at the very beginning, you’ll miss a significant time of worship! The text this Sunday is Psalm 19:1-14 and prepares our hearts for communion. Why do we do what we do at BVC? The remaining Sundays in August will set the stage for answering that question. We’ll be studying Acts 2:42 and using four Sundays to look at each distinctive part the early church devoted themselves to and why we need to be doing the same thing today. Then coming up in September will be our opportunities to grow in our faith with a variety of classes offered not only on Sunday mornings but during the week as well. If you should need childcare, please let us know as we want to make sure we have covered all our bases. I’ve written about this before but hope you’re putting these dates on your calendar: September 23, we’re returning to the 2nd Harvest Food Bank (from 6-8 p.m.). October 31 will be our Community Family Festival. November is our month for Operation Christmas Child. December 24 will be our Christmas Eve service. Be praying about which event(s) you’d like to become involved with. Have a great rest of the week and I’ll see you on Sunday!!

Love,Pastor Chuck