Hi BVC’ers!

I am so proud of each of you for making prayer a daily habit!  Thank you to each who take time to pray for the various requests that are submitted on the registration cards each week.  I got to thinking about some of those requests and how God answered each one.  Let me recount just some:

1)  MARILYN SUBALA.  We prayed for Marilyn to receive a kidney and be off dialysis.  That happened!  A match was found and today Marilyn is stronger and healthier.

2)  HOUSE RENOVATION.  We’ve been praying for the House Renovation to go smoothly and God has responded by speeding up our timetable thus the Transition Team is beginning to meet on June 2nd!

3)  JERETT & ANNETTE OLSON.  We are praying for them to have wisdom and discernment as they go and candidate at Valley Bible Church in Merced on June 2nd

What have just those items taught us?  God is alive.  God answers prayer.  Never feel like God is not there nor hears your prayers.  Have patience and wait upon the Lord.  I could recount many more requests which have been submitted … know this:  God is at work in each one!

MAY 26:  Another great day to come together and worship!  Ramir Ramirez asked me if we couldn’t have a ‘HYMN SUNDAY’ this week instead of having to wait until June 30.  So be sure to come early this week to sing some of your favorite hymns!!  I’ll be returning to 2 Corinthians 5:11-21 with a message entitled, “What’s Your Thinking?”  This is a fantastic passage of Scripture — be sure you’re here!!

JUNE 16:  FATHER’S DAY.  A complete Luau — don’t miss it!

JUNE 19:  2ND HARVEST FOOD BANK.  Be sure to register!!

JULY 4:  INDEPENDENCE DAY.  A very special day here at BVC.  More details to come!!

See you Sunday!


Pastor Chuck