July 7, 2022

Hi BVC’ers!

I was driving this week to pick up Holly from work.  Thought I would turn on my car radio and listen to something.  Normally I listen to classical music but I ended up on a station where two guys were talking.  They were mentioning food so I thought I would listen for a few moments.  There’s a sandwich which is being touted and it takes the name of the Lord in vain.  These guys went on to say they wondered if the sandwich was nailed to a board.  They also thought there should be sandwiches named after Satan or Lucifer.  All the while they were talking they were laughing thinking themselves quite humorous.  I turned the station off.

It truly disturbed me how flippantly some can make fun of the Lord I love.  It truly disturbed me.  I thought back to when I started in full-time ministry.  It has been a great many years now and if someone would have told me I would have heard such stuff on the radio in 2022, I wouldn’t have believed it.

Yet hearing them talk on the radio reminded me about the need for every believer to live authentically before the world.  Is that what you’re doing?  I know I pray that I will be authentic in my love for Jesus and that others will see Jesus in my life.  Is that what you’re doing?

Most people never read their Bible any more.

Most people never darken the door of a church any more.

Most people never hear the Word of God any more unless they attend a funeral or a wedding.

But most people interact with YOU!  You become the only Bible some people will ever read.  Are you living authentically?  If someone accused you of being a Christian, a believer, would there be enough evidence to convict you?

I thought about those two guys on the radio and I thought, “I bet there are no believers interacting with them in their lives.”  I could possibly be right.  Their attitude showed that they don’t have a relationship with Him.  Could that be changed?  Yes — if believers live authentically.

Think about all the people around you.  What does your life testify to?  May I encourage you to seize the opportunities God gives you to make a difference by living authentic lives for Jesus!!


First:  Any day now we should be receiving our building permit from the city of San Jose.  PRAY.  PRAY.  PRAY.

Second:  The “ACTS BIBLE STUDY” concludes on July 13.  A brand new study will be coming up after Labor Day in September.  Might you want to join this new study?  We’d love to have you…just let me know of your interest!!

Third:  JULY 10 BBQ!  That’s right — we’re having a BBQ this Sunday.  Would love to have you stay around after church and enjoy some great food and fellowship!!

Fourth:  COMMUNION is this Sunday.  Please pray and prepare your heart!!

Fifth:  PRAISE THE LORD!  We have some ushers (but could use some more).  We need more security though.  Might either of these two ministries appeal to you?  If so, please let me know and the more we have involved, the fewer times you would have to serve.  

Have a great rest of the week — I look forward to seeing each of you this Sunday!!


Pastor Chuck