July 4th

Hi BVC’ers!

I trust that all of you are looking forward to experiencing a great 4th of July this coming Thursday. Our nation will be celebrating its 243rd birthday.

One of the things I’m reminded of by the 4th of July is to remember to pray for our nation as well as our leaders. They need wisdom, discernment, and insight as they face the issues of our day. Some of those issues are quite complex and highly charged emotionally. That’s why we need to pray. I would like to again encourage you to pause at 8 p.m. each day and pray for just 1 minute for our nation and our leaders.

This Thursday, July 4, we’ll be having a BVC day at church featuring a lot of water! Over 500 water balloons!! A “Big Kahuna Water Slide” which all adults and kids can go down. Even a “Dunk Tank”!! There will be a donation box located near the dunk tank and all proceeds will go to the House Renovation!

The month of July is also exciting because we have a date to go before the Planning Commission of San Jose to state our case for why the house needs this renovation. Pray with us that our explanation will fall on supportive minds!

This coming Sunday, July 7, our service will have a different order. I want to encourage everyone to come just a bit earlier than normal or else you’ll miss some things. It’s always important to pray for yourself before coming to worship so that your heart is adequately prepared and set free from the cares and worries of everyday life.

Looking forward to seeing you Thursday (come anytime starting around 3 p.m.). We’ll have the bbqs going. If you can, please bring a salad or dessert. If you can’t do that, no worries! And if you’d like to bring your favorite board game, you can do that as well!!


Pastor Chuck