Hi BVC’ers!

One week from today and we’ll all be celebrating Thanksgiving with our families and our friends.  It’s my prayer that you have some portion of Thanksgiving to quietly reflect upon and express gratitude to the Lord for your blessings.  We are so blessed every day by the goodness of the Lord.  It’s truly humbling.

Today was another landmark day in the House Renovation Plans.  As you know, October 23 was the day the Planning Commission gave us the go ahead to move on to the Building Commission.  Our architect took a huge step of faith and scheduled an appointment with the Building Commission ahead of all the plans being done.  We had hired four engineers whose job it was to depict all sorts of plumbing, electrical, HVAC, and structural in our plans.  They finished up their work yesterday (November 20). 

Then, today, Dennis Wilkison and our architect (Rick Hartman) went before the Building Commission with the plans.  Those plans were submitted and now we face many reviews of the plans (which could take several months).  But the main thing is that we submitted while it is still 2019 (as many new rules are going into effect in 2020).  Indeed, an answer to your prayers!

The obvious next question is: “when does construction begin?”  There are a few other things we need to take care of prior to actual construction beginning.  We have an excellent Transition Team in place to see us through getting EVERYTHING out of the house and stored and then once the new building is in place, to move everything back in!  We’ll be scheduling a big workday when that occurs to help get things stored or simply tossed.  We’ll keep you posted.

When you are thanking Him on Thanksgiving, be sure to thank Him for all He’s done in getting the House over the hurdles and ever closer to being remodeled. 

DECORATING DAY/WORKDAY:  Coming up this Saturday, November 23, at 9 a.m.  Hope to see YOU here!  We need all the help we can get!

Have a great rest of the week — see you Saturday and/or Sunday!!


Pastor Chuck