Hi BVC’ers!

I want to bring to your attention “The House @ BVC” update!  It’s very good news — we’ll probably be having a public hearing before the Planning Commission of San Jose sometime in July.  Except for a few minor considerations, our plans are considered complete (and that’s very good news)!  This part of the process has moved faster than we had originally been told to expect.  Most of 2019 was expected to be involved in various stages of paperwork and the thought was that the City of San Jose moved slowly through that.  So far that hasn’t been the case.

Therefore, I have created what is known as a TRANSITION TEAM to make a recommendation to the Board about what do we do with the contents of the house as well as what do we use as a temporary structure when it becomes necessary.  I asked myself this question:  “Who uses the house most frequently and what do they do when they use it?”  The house is used for classes, hula ministry practices, Bible studies, Kids Church, kitchen needs and many other things.  This Transition Team needs to have at least one board member, representatives from the hula ministry, the classes, and the kitchen.  I sent out an e-mail to the following people asking them to consider serving:  Santino Fortes (representing the Board), Ysmael Gajardo (representing the Board), Janice Austin (Kids Church), Beth Torrillo (Kids Church, hula ministry), Myrna Macapagal (Kids Church, Hula Ministry), Leny Gajardo (Kitchen), and Femie Gajardo (Kitchen).  Each of those has accepted!  They will meet for the very first time on June 2.  I would appreciate you praying for them as they meet that God would give them wisdom, discernment, and insight in the recommendation they present.

JERETT & ANNETTE OLSON:  Please pray for Jerett and Annette as the Valley Bible Church in Merced has set June 2, 2019, at the date when Jerett candidates.  May the Lord give them His direction clearly.

2ND HARVEST FOOD BANK:  BVC is returning to the 2nd Harvest Food Bank on June 19.  Everyone desiring to attend will need to go to the 2nd Harvest website and register.  Use this code:  GR-16343.  We have only 10 spaces allotted to us. 

SUNDAY, MAY 19:  Santino Fortes will be bringing the message on Sunday — be sure and arrive early and prepared to be blessed!