House Renovation

Hi BVC’ers!

Last night our plans for the House Renovation went before the Planning Commission of San Jose.  We needed their approval before we could submit plans to the Building Commission of San Jose.  Our plans passed the Planning Commission!  This is a great step forward.

Here’s more good news:  we have found our structural engineer, our electrical engineer, our plumbing engineer, and our HVAC engineer!  

And we’re on a time crunch to present to the Building Commission before December 31, 2019.  Once 2020 begins, a whole new set of rules and regulations go into effect and that would truly delay us big time.  So, this new group of engineers are needed to work quickly so we can submit to the Building Commission by mid-November!  When we asked them the question on whether they could have things ready by mid-November, they responded with a resounding ‘YES”!

The entire House Renovation has been bathed in prayer.  I’m asking you to once again pray that this new team of engineers is indeed able to have all their respective plans ready to submit by mid-November.  When the Lord lays the House Renovation on your heart, please pray for them.

One last praise:  each week you have all been so faithful to give donations to the House Renovation.  It has been amazing to see your faithfulness for I know that the Lord is touching your hearts to give and to give and to give.  Thank you for your faithfulness and generosity!

This whole project is for God’s glory and it’s exciting to see Him at work!


Pastor Chuck