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Hi BVC’ers!

This coming Sunday is SUPER BOWL SUNDAY! Two great teams will face off against each other for the chance to win it all in football’s biggest prize. Tensions are mounting with each passing day as players from both teams look forward to playing this game. So, in honor of SUPER BOWL SUNDAY, I’m preaching about THE VERY FIRST SUPER BOWL (taken from 1 Samuel 17). Make it a point to be here this Sunday as we all have our own “Goliaths” to go through!!

It was great to welcome back all the women who attended Women’s Retreat and hear some of their stories. 27 women from BVC attended this year (that’s our all-time high) and I know they had a great time and were challenged. The Men’s Retreat is coming up March 4-6 at Mt. Hermon. Former San Francisco 49’er quarterback Jeff Kemp will be the special speaker this year. If you would like to attend or you need more information, please see either myself, Raud de Silva, or Jerett Olson!

COMMUNITY FAMILY FESTIVAL is fast approaching on Saturday, March 26. This is a community event we host the day before Easter. If you were here for this event last year, then you know it’s a day full of fun, food, and music!

EASTER SUNDAY is coming on March 27. More information will be forthcoming!!

Looking forward to seeing everyone at BVC on Sunday…have a great rest of the week!!

Love, Pastor Chuck