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Hi BVC’ers!!

It’s Christmas Sunday this Sunday!! Then following that, it’s our Christmas Eve service on December 24 beginning at 7:30 p.m. These services are a highlight of our year. And I wanted to encourage you to do something: I heard on the radio today that a vast majority of people would come to church this Christmas if someone they knew invited them. Would you think about inviting just one person to come to either our Christmas Sunday service on December 20 or our Christmas Eve service on December 24? I know that hearts will be blessed if you do!

Last night I read an article about the Incarnation to the Board when we met. I wanted to share just one portion with you. It’s written by C.S. Lewis: “The reason his death and resurrection have such power is not because death and resurrection are the greatest miracle. Rather it is because his death and resurrection had been preceded by the miracle that truly is the greatest of all: the miracle of the incarnation. The incarnation means his resurrection is new. Billions will eventually die and be resurrected into eternal life and glory; the incarnation, however, will remain unique. By a miracle that passes human comprehension, the Creator entered His creation, the Eternal entered time, God became human — in order to die and rise again for the salvation of all people.” Wow! Can you grasp the enormity of what God did?

I’d also like to encourage you this Christmas season to take a good look at what you have right around you — your family, your friends, and many other blessings. Would you pause this Christmas season and simply say “Thank you Lord” for Jesus, for my family, my friends, my job. We are such a blessed people and we owe all our thankfulness to Him!

May each of you have a very MERRY CHRISTMAS!!
Love, Pastor Chuck