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Hi BVC’ers!

I’m very thankful to the Lord to be your pastor. It’s a dream come true for me and I want to thank each of you for enriching my life in so many ways. As we come to Thanksgiving on Thursday, each of us has so much to be thankful over: family, friends, our relationship with Jesus, homes, food, sports…just to name a few. Each of us can consider ourselves very fortunate to be so blessed. May you take a few moments this Thursday to say (out loud): “THANK YOU LORD.”

There is NO BIBLE STUDY tomorrow night, November 25.

Saturday, November 28, is CHURCH DECORATING DAY. It begins at 9 a.m. and we’re hoping to be completed by Noon. We’ll be putting lights up on the house; decorating Christmas trees in both the house and worship center; and hanging a few things here and there. We’d love to have your help if you are available.

There will be NO DISCIPLESHIP CLASS this coming Sunday, November 29. This class will resume on December 6.

Have a blessed Thanksgiving everyone!

Love, Pastor Chuck