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Hi BVC’ers!

Disappointment. It’s something all of us learn to live with (although, sometimes, we don’t handle it very well). Perhaps the job we wanted didn’t come through. Perhaps we thought for sure we’d win that prize. Or someone was going to be our friend forever. We learn from life that disappointment can happen. Yet how do we handle disappointment? We can fume I suppose. We can grow bitter. We can let it get us angry. I’m sure many of us have been there at times. Yet God does not waste a single event that happens in our lifetimes — even disappointment. For it is in those disappointments that we sometimes experience the greatest amount of learning from the Lord. I’m reminded of Psalm 1 where it is recorded, “He makes me lie down.” Notice the word MAKES? Sometimes God needs to get our attention and the only way He can do that is through disappointment. We don’t have the answer — we struggle to find our way — and we’re still perplexed. But when we grow quiet (part of the MAKES me lie down time) and listen for His still voice, we hear what we needed to hear all along. So the next time you’re faced with disappointment why not say, “You got my attention Lord and I’m listening.”

Our new classes are up and functioning…it’s good to see three adult classes on Sunday morning and one in the afternoon. It’s great to see people learning about God’s Word and how to rely upon Him.

We had a fantastic time at the 2nd Harvest Food Bank. I always love it when we go there because we get to rub shoulders with all sorts of people. This past time was no exception. If you haven’t been able to attend as yet, please know we’ll be returning in January, 2016.

Our banner is up announcing COMMUNITY FAMILY FESTIVAL on October 31, from 5-8 p.m. If you’d like to help with this event, please see Raud de Silva. We also need candy, candy, and more candy — so if you can bring a bag or two or three in with you, it would be very much appreciated!!

OPERATION CHRISTMAS CHILD shoe boxes are showing up regularly — and if you have some old shoe boxes at home, bring them in! They can be placed in the cubbies in the house. Packing of the shoe boxes for needy children around the world will take place in November.

This coming Sunday, October 4, Jerett Olson will be bringing God’s Word to us. I’m excited to hear his message (and I hope you are too). We’ll also be participating in Communion together. Don’t miss this Sunday!

See you all then!!
Love, Pastor Chuck