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Hi BVC’ers!

This week I wanted to write you about three very important ministries in our church that are seeing some needs for a few volunteers.

GREETING MINISTRY:  Presently we have two dedicated and lovely ladies who do the greeting each Sunday morning.  They are Anna Mangum and Helen Nichols.  Kudos to them for doing such a great job in making sure each person is welcomed to BVC.  Sometimes one (or both) are absent and when that happens, we have no one to greet our regulars plus our guests (and we especially want our guests to know that we’re happy to see them and try to make them feel at home).  I’d really like to see us never have a Sunday when everyone is not greeted by someone at the door.  I’d like to see 3-5 people volunteer in this area.

What’s involved in this GREETING MINISTRY?  First, you would need to arrive at 10:15 a.m.  You’ll find a stack of bulletins just inside the worship center which can be used to hand to people upon their arrival.  Second, smile!  We want everyone to feel comfortable and welcomed and the best way to do this is to smile.  Third, be prepared to answer questions someone might have (such as where is the bathroom? or where would I take my children? or where is the nursery?).  Finally, remain in your position until about 10:45 a.m.  After that, you can come into the worship center. 

USHERING/OFFERING MINISTRY:  Presently we have some who are doing this ministry beautifully.  But last Sunday proved to be a perfect example:  Dennis Wilkison was out-of-town.  He normally takes the lead in this ministry (and does a splendid job).  Others were not available for one reason or another.  I took note that we need some dedicated men and women who would like to participate in collecting the offering when it is time to do that in our service.  What’s involved?  A readiness to be available on a Sunday (if you don’t care to pray for the offering, just let me know and you won’t be called on).  I’d like to see 3-5 people volunteer in this area.

SECURITY MINISTRY:  Several years ago, no one would have thought about this ministry being a ministry!  But with random acts of violence taking place across our country, we cannot be secure enough.  Presently we have three who are involved in this ministry:  Jerett Olson, Miguel Subala, and Santino Fortes (doing a super job too).  We need other men and women who would sacrifice one Sunday a month to patrol our grounds during our worship service and Kid’s Church time.  What’s involved?  You would patrol the parking lot as well as the “House @ BVC” throughout the service time.  One Sunday someone was spotted looking into all the cars — all it took was for our security person that day to begin walking towards them and they walked away quickly.  What would you do in the event of something happening?  Send a text to Janice Austin.  She’s sitting near all the monitors in the sound area and will have her phone available to receive your texts.  I’d like to see 2-3 people volunteer in this area.

All the above ministries are open to both men and women.  If you know you’re going to be away on a Sunday when you are scheduled to serve, just let me know and we can do some switching.

Training is also available!  I’ve personally done many of these ministries in the past and there are some basic rules and guidelines which accompany each one.  Indicating your interest does not mean you have to serve as well.  If you have questions or concerns, coming to training will give you an opportunity to ask questions.

The bottom line is this:  WE NEED YOU!  Won’t you please pray about getting involved in one of these ministries here at BVC? 



Pastor Chuck