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Hi BVC’ers!

Trust you are enjoying these early days of 2019. God is so good to send us morning by morning new mercies. And blessings. And answers to prayer. It’s great to know that the year may change, but God does remain the same.

As we watch the news unfold each day and while history records what has happened in the past, it’s great to know that even though the decade or century may change….God never changes…in fact, He remains the same (yesterday, today, and tomorrow).

What that means is that God is never in a state of flux. He’s never coming up with “new.” Everything is…you can bank on it, depend on it, and be secure in the knowledge that He remains consistent. That’s great to know when you’re riding high or down in the dumps.


2019 ANNUAL MEETING: coming up on Sunday, January 20. There is plenty of reason to stay after the service: voting on our Faith Budget, officers, constitutional changes, and other items of interest (including a report on the progress of the House Renovation). You won’t want to miss a second!

WOMEN’S RETREAT: coming up January 25-27 at beautiful Monterey, California. If you need more info, please see Verle Ramirez.

MEN’S RETREAT: coming up March 8-10 at Mt. Hermon, California. If you are interested in attending, there’s still time to register.

2ND HARVEST FOOD BANK: we went on Wednesday, January 9. Moved over 6 tons of oranges plus a lot of boxes of spaghetti squash. All this food sorted goes to alleviate hunger in Santa Clara Valley. Many thanks to those who came out and joined in the fun! We’ll be returning so hope more can go with us!

2nd CORINTHIANS: my series continues with “When the Going Gets Tough” on Sunday … I’ll be looking for each of you to be here for this most important message from Scripture. Don’t miss it!
Love, Pastor Chuck