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Hi BVC’ers!

This Sunday, November 18, is the 4th installment of LOVE LIKE THAT. The first sermon dealt with being MINDFUL. Jesus loved Zacchaeus and the Good Samaritan loved the man left for dead by stopping their agendas and “seeing” them. We need to do likewise with the people we come into contact. The second sermon dealt with being APPROACHABLE. The woman who came to the dinner at the home of the pharisee as well as the father of the prodigal son displayed what it means to being approachable and accessible. We need to do likewise with the people we come into contact. The third sermon dealt with being GRACE-FULL. This one was tough and is tough because it means we consciously display and give grace to people who sometimes we just don’t want to. But we do it because of the grace which has been given to us (and how can we not do so?). The sermon coming up on Sunday in LOVE LIKE THAT is being BOLD. You’ll be surprised by a few things in this sermon so plan on coming!!

Here’s what’s on tap:
NOVEMBER 18: Hula Ministry will be glorifying God in our service. Much thanks to Stella Begonia for being the point person for this ministry. Also on Sunday is the baby shower for JERETT AND ANNETTE OLSON. This is open to everyone so plan on attending!!

NOVEMBER 24: Can you believe it? It’s time for CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS!! Meet at 9:30 a.m. We’ll be stringing lights and decorating trees. It all goes much quicker if YOU are here to help! Looking forward to seeing you!!

DECEMBER 24: Christmas Eve service at 7:30 p.m.

Have a great rest of the week … looking forward to seeing each of you on Sunday!!
Love, Pastor Chuck