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Hi BVC’ers!

Berryessa Valley Church is going to be having an Ordination Service on Sunday, June 24, at 10:30 a.m. What makes this service so special? Why are we having this special service?

An Ordination Service does not happen every day but every single pastor has been able to participate in one. Mine happened back in 1985 at the Calvary Baptist Church of Stockton (now known as “The Bridge”). It was a very special service which included special speakers: Dr. Blaine Bishop had dedicated me to the Lord when I was a baby; Dr. Ronald Lundy was the pastor of Calvary; and Mr. Eugene Birdsall was my father-in-law. Mr. Lawrie Irvine sang “The Holy City.” At the end of the service, all elders of both Calvary Baptist and Westside Community Church (the church I was going to leave Calvary and pastor) all came together to lay hands on me and set me apart for pastoral ministry. It’s a moment I shall never forget! It was a special divine moment not only in my life but also the life of the two churches. It signifies the culmination of many moments of interaction with the Lord and realizing His will.

Jerett Olson has been preparing for this moment for several years. We’ve seen him speak God’s Word in church, in Bible studies, in counseling appointments. We’ve seen God’s hand upon him. And now we publicly get the opportunity to set him apart for pastoral ministry. A church can have no higher honor. I hope you’ll make plans to be with us on Sunday, June 24 for this most special service!!

WORK DAY: Saturday, May 12, beginning at 9:30 a.m. Our main purpose is to “spruce” up our facilities.

MOTHER’S DAY: Sunday, May 13. Don’t miss our special Mother’s Day service and the luncheon to follow!

BVC FAMILY FUN NIGHT: Saturday, May 19, from 6-9 p.m.

CONGREGATIONAL MEETING: Sunday, May 20, following the morning worship time. We will be discussing the renovation of “The House @ BVC.”
Love, Pastor Chuck