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Hi BVC’ers!

I’ve watched and listened to the topsy-turvy world we’re living in. Wow — I don’t think I’ve ever seen a stretch of time like this one. Being a history major while in college, I’m reminded of the tumultuous times which led to World War I and World War II, but these days it’s amazing to see headlines and social media comments. I know it makes a lot of people edgy and nervous because no one knows what lies ahead. Everybody enjoys serenity and calmness but those seem in short supply these days.

What is it then that we need to be doing as we go about our lives from day-to-day? First, acknowledge that God has placed you in this world to be His minister as well as His agent for good. You make a difference in each and every setting just by being you. Second, live what you know. Often we ask this question: “God, what’s Your will for my life?” The answer is easier than we admit — living what we you know to be true. If we all would just model what we know to be true, lots and lots of lives would be affected for good.

Living what you know involves reading and understanding a simple passage from Colossians 3:12-15. Here’s what we need to be doing: (1) displaying compassionate hearts towards people; (2) showing forth kindness; (3) being humble; (4) displaying meekness; (5) showing patience to people; (6) bearing with one another; (7) forgiving each other as God has forgiven you; (8) loving one another; (9) allowing the peace of Christ to rule in our hearts; and (10) being thankful. If we each display those 10 qualities consistently, lives will be affected for the Kingdom. They can’t help but be affected because the difference between what we see around us and those qualities are night and day. As Martin Lloyd-Jones stated (and I’m paraphrasing here), the world is inevitably attracted to those qualities.

So…be a minister and see yourself as God’s change agent in this topsy-turvy world!


  1. FUNDAMENTALS OF THE FAITH. This class concludes on September 27. It’s been a great class and each person has learned a great deal about the basics of the Christian faith. If you haven’t gone through this class, it will be offered again in 2018 and I’d strongly encourage you to participate next time!
  2. NEW MEMBER CLASS. This class meets on October 4. It’s a one-week class designed to familiarize yourself with Berryessa Valley Church and what we’re all about. If you’re interested, please join!
  3. DISCIPLESHIP TRAINING CLASS. This class begins October 11. I’d like to see many of you take this class as it delves into the deep truths of Scripture. There’s nothing like becoming a devoted follower of Jesus — and this class enables that to happen!
  4. COMMUNITY FAMILY FESTIVAL. This happens on Tuesday, October 31. A chance we have to show the community around us that we love them and desire to minister to them. From 5-8 p.m., we’ll have jump houses, trunk or treat, photo booths, and much, much more. Tell your friends! We’re also collecting candy starting October 1!

Thanks for your prayers for your church — especially that we remain true to the Gospel and see lives changed for Jesus’ sake!
Love, Pastor Chuck