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Hi BVC’ers!

It’s great to be part of a fantastic church family. Sadly, there are many in this world who have never had that experience. Either the church is tied up in internal struggles or the church has lost its zeal and enthusiasm for the things of the Lord. What makes a church great?

First, a church must adhere to the teaching from the Word. There’s nothing else that will beat that. No self-help book or latest gimmick will ever replace the incredible Word of God. Second, there’s nothing like fellowship. God knew that we needed that but some churches simply don’t know how to do that. There should always be a feel of enjoying being around everyone. Third, a two-fold item: breaking of bread both meaning communion as well as sitting down with your friends and family of the church by having a meal together. Fourth, prayer. I’m very thankful for all the people of BVC who participate by praying when the requests are posted on Facebook. It not only keeps us tied together but it also keeps us involved with one another.

It is sad when a church forgets those four basic foundations. On the other hand, it’s exciting when a church embraces those foundations and goes out to tackle the mission that God has laid before them. Here at BVC we believe with all our heart that it is our responsible to present Jesus Christ to San Jose and beyond through loving, caring, and serving. It’s vital that we do that just as it’s vital that we live our faith so that it is observable.

I’m praying for each of you to have a vital faith that shines forth wherever you happen to be. I believe with all my heart that we’re all ministers placed in specific situations and circumstances to radiate God’s glory.

‘Ordinary People’ sermon series concludes this week as we look at Ruth 1:1-18 and consider the life of Naomi. Be sure to arrive early this week as Dennis Wilkison will have some exciting things to share about our building plans!

FUNDAMENTALS OF THE FAITH: Meets on Wednesday nights through September 27.

NEW MEMBER CLASS: October 4, 7:00 p.m.

DISCIPLESHIP CLASS: October 11 through December 13.

See you all on Sunday!

Love, Pastor Chuck