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Hi BVC’ers!

Moses. Samuel. John. Joseph. Paul. Esther. Ruth. Naomi. Peter. Luke. Mark.

Those are just some of the names which populate the pages of the Bible. Often, we think of these people as being “bigger than life.” They couldn’t have possibly had bad days or days that were anything other than productive. They shone forth for the Lord as no others ever did.

Well, that’s just not true. They were human beings just like the rest of us and I can guarantee you that they had bad days (just like us) and good days (just like us). And everything in between!!

Starting this Sunday, I’ll be beginning a short sermon series called ‘ORDINARY PEOPLE.’ We’ll be starting off with Moses and looking at a certain facet in his life taken from the book of Numbers 20:2-12. I sure hope you’re planning to be here this Sunday!!

CONGREGATION HYMN SINGING: is taking place this Sunday, July 23. We’re fortunate at BVC to have great music each Sunday (provided by our own worship team). But sometimes they need a break so they came to me awhile back and asked if I could and would lead these hymn sings on the 5th Sunday of every month. I said I’d be glad to do so. July has 5 Sundays but I’ll be on vacation the 5th Sunday so we’re doing it this Sunday. I like to call the hymns we sing “classics.” Because that’s what they are. So, come on out and enjoy some of these classics!!

GENERATIONS YOUTH CAMP: The youth are back! 92 campers (and counselors) were at camp until July 19 … and I’m already hearing some great stories of how God worked in a variety of situations and circumstances!! It’s great to have them back.

OPERATION CHRISTMAS CHILD: Don’t forget to continue to bring in your items so that our packing party has all the items we need. Lori Serpa has mentioned that the mailing costs are rising from $7 per box to $9 per box. You might not be able to bring in the various items but we’re also accept donations to defray mailing. Thanks!!

FUNDAMENTALS OF THE FAITH: Is continuing to meet on Wednesday nights from 7-8:30 p.m. in the house.

Have a great week ahead!! I look forward to seeing each of you on Sunday!!
Love, Pastor Chuck