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Hi BVC’ers!

I trust that you are enjoying these wonderful days of summer. God has certainly blessed us with great weather and an abundance of great places to visit. Nothing like getting out and seeing the giant Redwood trees or the beach or an orchard (where you can still pick your own fruit).

FUNDAMENTALS OF THE FAITH kicked off on July 5 with chapter 1 and last night we tackled chapter 2. It’s great to see several taking this class for the very first time. We’ve looked at the overview of the Bible (chapter 1) and last night spent time considering “how” we can know the Bible. Would appreciate your prayers for those attending to carve out the necessary time to come prepared each week with their lesson completed. Thanks for praying!!

WALKING IN A MANNER WORTHY (a favorite expression of the Apostle Paul) is wrapping up this Sunday, July 16. Ephesians 6:18-24 will close out this series with a message entitled, “For You I Am Praying.” You may recall that Ephesians is comprised of six chapters: the first three chapters are theological and lay the foundation for how we’re supposed to conduct ourselves. Chapters 4-6 are practical and we’ve seen that in how we live with our spouse, how to be good workers, how to be good parents among other topics. The final message centers around the most important ingredient of all: prayer.

NEW SERMON SERIES: “Ordinary People” will be the subject of the next sermon series starting July 23 and continuing through the month of August. These are just ordinary people (like you and me) and they’re fortunate enough to get written in the Bible. Some are famous…others you’ve probably never heard of.

Have a great rest of the week … looking forward to seeing you on Sunday!!
Love, Pastor Chuck