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Hi BVC’ers!

The word of the week: GRADUATION. It’s not every day that we graduate. We didn’t have kindergarten graduations when I was in kindergarten so the first big graduation I took part in was from my junior high school (it was known as Elvira Castro Junior High School back then but is now called Moreland Middle School). My next big graduation was, of course, high school. I graduated from Blackford High School (now known as Harker Middle School). Then came graduation from San Jose State University and then Denver Seminary. Put that all together and it spells out years of schooling. You don’t think you’ll ever make it but the day finally arrives, they hand you a diploma, and off you go! A momentous occasion and then the stark reality hits you that “you don’t have to go to any more classes!”

Such is the case with Jerett Olson. On Saturday, July 8, Western Seminary (the San Jose campus) will hold its commencement program at 11 a.m. Jerett will be one of the graduates. It has taken a lot of classes and hours of studying to get to this point. And it’s not every day that any church gets to celebrate such a moment. Berryessa Valley Church is fortunate to have this occasion to celebrate! Many of you are planning to attend and that’s fantastic as it means so much to Jerett and Annette as well as their families. This means, of course, that Jerett begins the process of seeking where God would lead him next.

Before that happens, BVC will be calling for an ordination council to meet and approve Jerett for the Gospel ministry. Then we’ll have a commissioning service for him at some point in the future. We’ll keep you informed as these events unfold. For now, we’ll rejoice in Jerett’s graduation from Western! It’s been a life-long dream and we’re all proud of you Jerett!

SATURDAY, JULY 8: FAMOUS CHURCH RUMMAGE SALE begins at 8 a.m. If you have items you would like to donate, please bring them by BVC! Anyone who is interested in helping on either Friday or Saturday, please feel free to do so!

FUNDAMENTALS OF THE FAITH CLASS: got off to a great start last night. The workbooks are due to arrive any day now and we’re hoping to be able to pass them out on Sunday.

YOUTH CAMP: is fast approaching (July 17-21). If you need information, please see Santino Fortes.
Have a great rest of the week … I look forward to seeing you on Sunday!
Love, Pastor Chuck