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Hi BVC’ers!

Life has always seemed like a series of challenges: challenge to get through school, challenge to find just the right job, challenges when moving to a new city, and the list is practically endless. When we look back at life, we can see that there were other challenges too: the challenge to trust God in every situation; the challenge to see how this or that event was meant for good (when we thought it was pretty bad); the challenge to make sense out of things that just didn’t make sense. In each and every challenge, there’s a reason to look and see how God is directing us in various areas in our lives. Perhaps God wants us to learn to forgive thus we become faced with a forgiving situation. Or perhaps God wants us to trust Him with our finances. Or perhaps God wants to challenge us by tackling a tough uphill climb. I’ve seen churches over the years be able to climb and succeed in those challenges and I’ve seen others burn out and die.

BVC is being faced with its own challenges. The challenge of space leaps to my mind almost immediately. What is going to be done about this? How will God provide? Do we build a new building? Expand the older one? Do something different? Your BVC Board is contemplating all these things and would appreciate your daily prayers as we prepare to meet later this month. Please ask the Lord to give us wisdom as we meet this challenge! Thanks for praying!

MOTHER’S DAY: This Sunday, May 14. I’ll be speaking from Ephesians 5:21-22, 24, 33b with a message entitled, “The Marriage Partnership: The Wife’s Role.” The husband’s role will be on Father’s Day in June. We’ll also be having our annual Mother’s Day Luncheon. Bring something to share to eat and we’ll supply the rest!

FATHER’S DAY: Always a highlight of the summer season. More info will be forthcoming!

2nd HARVEST FOOD BANK: Coming up on Wednesday, June 28, from 6-8 p.m. at 4001 N. First Street. If you’d like to participate, please indicate this on your registration card.

Have a great rest of the week … and I look forward to seeing each of you on Sunday!!
Love, Pastor Chuck