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Hi BVC’ers!

We are a blessed people! So many blessings from the Lord each and every day. I’m reminded of the verse in Scripture which tells us that “morning by morning new mercies I see.” God is sooooo good to us!! Gives us air to breathe and friends to interact with and great food to eat and wonderful places to enjoy and facilities in which to worship Him. The list is endless. And I could go on and on and on about the mercies of the Lord. He watches over us and cares for us and knows when we’re joyous or sad or troubled or happy!

All too often it seems everyone in our world focuses on the negative way too much. There is so much to enjoy and God has given us so much…it’s such a shame that we take it all for granted much of the time.

You got friends? Be grateful.

You got a job? Be thankful.

You got people who care about you? Be humble.

Every new day when you open your eyes, look for the mercies of the Lord! And may those mercies buoy you for the day to come!!

MEN’S RETREAT: coming up March 10-12. This Sunday, March 5, is the time to get your total registration fee in.

THIS SUNDAY: Jerett Olson will be bringing the message so be sure to be here and learn from God’s Word!!

COMMUNITY FAMILY FESTIVAL: coming up on Saturday, April 15. Be in prayer over this event that we’ll make a difference in someone’s life. Be in prayer about someone you can invite!!

Have a wonderful rest of the week. I’m looking forward to seeing each of you on Sunday!!
Love, Pastor Chuck