Hi BVC’ers!

“The Purpose of BVC is to extend the Hope of Jesus Christ to San Jose and beyond through loving, through caring, and through serving.”  May each of us find ways to do those three things in 2020.  As we extend the hope of Jesus, may each of us think of ourselves as a servant.  In this way we’re modeling ourselves after Jesus who did not come to be served, but to serve.  May joy invade our souls as we serve Him.

I received a call today from a fellow pastor who told me that my name had been given to him to call and inquire as to how I was doing.  I told him about BVC, and the plans God has showed us He wants done in 2020.  I asked him to remember us in prayer as we move forward.  May the Building Commission find us approvable!  May construction begin in the upcoming months on the House Renovation.

What’s coming up?

FIRST:  WOMEN’S RETREAT 2020.  All the spaces are full — and BVC has nearly 20 women attending!  Pray for these ladies to meet with the Lord and as they do so, to have Him speak to their hearts as only He can.

SECOND:  2020 ANNUAL MEETING.  This is coming up on Sunday, January 26, immediately following the morning worship service.  All members and those interested in the direction we’re going are encouraged to attend! 

THIRD:  MEN’S RETREAT 2020.  This is right around the corner at Mt. Hermon, March 6-8.  Please see me if you’re interested in attending and getting registered!

Have a great rest of the week — I look forward to seeing YOU on Sunday!!


Pastor Chuck