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Hi BVC’ers!

There’s been a whole lot going on in the news and it’s enough to get you depressed, distressed, and down. Shootings almost happening daily somewhere. Terrorists doing their thing in places like airports. We’re becoming almost numb at the havoc around us. Some people are looking towards the election in November and they’re worried about this or that candidate winning. I’ve heard some people mention buying an island and moving there in order to get away from it all.

The only constant in everything is God. And He says that if we trust Him with all our heart, He will make our path straight. No one else can do that. When God judges, He judges fairly. When God supplies, He supplies fairly. When God loves, He loves fairly. There’s no partiality with God. Thus when He makes paths straight, He does so fairly.

We’re looking for fairness in this world. We’re looking for integrity in this world. We’re looking for love in this world. All the things going on, besides wreaking havoc, is that they move us out of the comfort zone we desire and move us into a more stressful zone. Yet the only one who can move us back to “normal” is God. And that’s why we need to trust in Him with all our hearts at all times and know He’s going to make even the crooked path straight. Test Him in that to see if it’s not so!

7 CHURCHES OF REVELATION sermon series begins this Sunday, July 17 and will conclude on Sunday, September 11. Each Sunday of the series we’ll look at a specific church as found in Revelation 2-3.

YOUTH CAMP is fast approaching. It begins on Saturday, July 23. I’ve been asked to speak to the campers on Sunday, July 24 (Jerett Olson will be speaking here at BVC that day). I’m excited over this opportunity! The Deacon’s Fund offerings of both August and September will go towards off-setting the cost of camp ($180 for campers and $120 for leaders). If you’d like to help in a financial way, please see me or Raud de Silva or Santino Fortes.

2nd HARVEST FOOD BANK is Wednesday, August 3, from 6-8 p.m. at 4001 N. First Street. There are still some spaces available … and it would be great to have you join in the fun!!

OPERATION CHRISTMAS CHILD is taking donations. Last month, it was items like soap, toothbrushes, etc. If you have those and want to bring them in, now’s the time. This month we’re collecting various toys and games. The Dollar Store is a good place to do a little shopping for these underprivileged kids!

CARE CHRISTIAN LEARNING CENTER. The director of Care Christian Learning Center, Marivic Sagarino, recently wrote to let me know that over 60 kids are now registered!! PTL!! They’re still waiting on the necessary funds to finish the second classroom.

COMMUNITY FAMILY FESTIVAL is coming up on Monday, October 31. Save the date!!

See you all on Sunday!
Love, Pastor Chuck