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Hi BVC’ers!

So many children of our friends and family are graduating from various institutions. What an accomplishment this signifies in their lives … as well as a chance to move onwards to see what God is going to be doing next! Such exciting times as vistas open with unlimited opportunities. It makes me think back to when I went through graduation ceremonies in my past and how grateful I was to receive the education that benefited me in a lot of ways.

When we think of it, all of life is a step towards graduation. We’re supposed to become more like Christ but this takes time. Often how we respond to things when we turned 20 is not the way we would respond if we were 40. Graduation. Perhaps at 20 we would have gotten upset and said things we’d later regret whereas at 40 or 50, we react calmer and think things through a bit more. Graduation.

When God looks at us, does He see “graduation” in our development to become more like Jesus in thought, word, and deed? What kind of strides have we made and how can we tell? In this thing called life, there are always areas and arenas where we can demonstrate just how much we’ve learned through life’s adventures. So how would you rate yourself? Would you say that you’ve “graduated” and are ready to move on to the next challenge or are there areas where we still need to learn in order to “graduate”? Don’t be too hard on yourself — just use the experiences of life to grow and mature and to realize that God is in control!

FATHER’S DAY — June 19 — we’ll be celebrating all dads with a special Father’s Day Lunch! You don’t want to miss this!!

JULY 3, 2016 — we’ll be observing INDEPENDENCE DAY right after church. You’ll want to come dressed for a full-fledged old-fashioned BBQ right here on the church campus. More details will be forthcoming but circle the date and get ready for some fun!!

Have a great rest of the week — see all of you on Sunday!
Love, Pastor Chuck