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Hi BVC’ers!

The writer of the Book of Ecclesiastes had quite a bit to say as he penned the various words that are contained in it. He searched high and low for the meaning to various things in life … only to be more confounded each and every time. Things just didn’t seem to make sense. He tried this and he tried that…but it only left him more puzzled. He sought this and he sought that…only to be left with more questions. Time after time and event after event, he was left dumbfounded. Finally, after everything else had not answered his questions, he deduced that there was only one thing to do after all was said and done. Read his words carefully: “The conclusion, when all has been heard, is fear God and keep His commandments, because this applies to every person” (Ecclesiastes 12:13).

“To Fear God” is another way of saying to have reverence and/or respect for God. This seems only natural because God knows so much more than you and I. To fear Him is to honor Him and submit ourselves to His leadership in our lives. To keep His commandments means we abide by what God, in His infinite wisdom, has deemed best. We use them as guidelines and directions as we live our lives. This keeps us always moving in the right direction. By fearing God, we acknowledge His leadership and by honoring His commandments, we acknowledge that He knows more and sees more than we ever could.

THE CHURCH TRIUMPHANT continues this Sunday with ‘YOUNGER MEN’ taken from Titus 2:6-8. We’ve already spent time looking at older men, older women, and younger women … so now is the time to focus on how the younger men should function.

FATHER’S DAY is fast approaching! We’re going to have a great celebration after church that Sunday. You don’t want to miss it!

4TH OF JULY CELEBRATION will take place on Sunday, July 3. This is going to be a great, great day — worship service followed by a good old-fashioned picnic right here on the church grounds. Finishing touches are being put on this event — so please feel free to invite someone to come with you on that day!!

Looking forward to seeing you this Sunday!
Love, Pastor Chuck