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Hi BVC’ers!

In Matthew 28:18-20, Jesus gave instructions that we are to take the Gospel everywhere. Seems like such a huge task … but various individuals and organizations have done what they could to make sure the Gospel got out into the world (and thank the Lord for them). Some of the people who did this became quite famous (think Billy Graham) while others remained steadfast yet unknown. Both are necessary and essential for the spread of the Gospel. In 2015, BVC sent a team of people to the Philippines where lives were touched and changed. Many were given a chance to accept Jesus and many did! In 2016, BVC sent a team of people to Nicaragua. That mission is almost complete and we’ll hear what the Lord did on Sunday, February 21! I’m very excited to hear the news and trust that you’ll make it a point to be here early that Sunday just so you won’t miss a single word of how the Gospel was proclaimed and lives were changed!!

This coming Sunday is Valentine’s Day and no greater day to remember the love of Jesus. Raud de Silva will be speaking this Sunday on that very subject: love! You don’t want to miss it!!

The BVC Board is meeting on Wednesday, February 17. If you have any items for the agenda, please get in contact with me (pastorchuck@bvchurch.com). We’re going to be looking at upcoming ministries as well as expansion of our buildings. We would appreciate your prayers for wisdom, discernment, and insight!

MEN’S RETREAT is coming! Not too late to sign up — see Raud de Silva. Men’s Retreat is March 4-6 at beautiful Mt. Hermon. We had a great group of men go last year and we’re looking forward to being challenged again this year. If you’ve never gone, now’s the time to experience what this is all about. Scholarships are available. Please get in touch with me.

COMMUNITY FAMILY FESTIVAL is coming! March 26, from 12-3 p.m. This will be a great time of reaching out into our community and welcoming them to our campus. We’ll have all sorts of things going on that day and it’s FREE! If you’d like to be involved in this outreach ministry, please see either myself, Raud de Silva, or Jerett Olson.

Have a great rest of the week — I look forward to seeing each of you on Sunday!
Love, Pastor Chuck